About Us

The Tale Of FGI Couriers

The tale of how FGI Couriers sprout and flourished to where it is today was a direct reaction to an epiphany the Founder experienced while he was still using other same day courier companies for his business need. Following numerous terrible experiences such as drivers turning up drunk to obscured parcel  mishaps and so on, he had enough and decided to enter the market himself to make a positive difference especially in the area of customer service.

To that end, his determination and will power to deliver a remarkable customer service shaped the inevitable start of FGI Couriers Limited as a company. Since 2019, FGI Couriers continue to honour its roots and work diligently to set a benchmark as a yardstick for others to follow.


Our Mission

FGI Couriers mission is to improve customer service within the industry by setting an example of exceptional customer service,  superior and cost effective courier solutions why preserving and improving upon its integrity, reliability and consistency at all time.