Additional Charges

1. Congestion Charge:
There is a congestion charge of £15.00 for all deliveries and pickups within the
CC zone.
2. ULEZ charge:
There is also an ultra-low emission zone charge of £12.50 for all deliveries and
pickup within the ULEZ zone.
3. Waiting Time:
The first 15 minutes is free, then after charged at £0.50 per minute to a maximum of 4 hours (for
longer waiting times please contact us prior to booking).
4. Cancellation Charge:
There is a cancellation fee of 50% of the job cost charged.
5. Out of Hours Surcharge:
There is additional delivery cost of 30% for pickups and deliveries between 7pm and 7pm on
Monday-Friday, 35% for pickups between Friday 7pm and Saturday 7pm and 40% for pickups
between Sunday 7pm and Monday 7am.
6. Handballing Charge:
Hand balling will be charged at £0.50 per minutes if agreed.
7. Toll and Ferry Charge:
Toll and Ferry routes are charged at specific toll and ferry rate of the applicable delivery routes.
8. Additional Drop Rate:
We charge 30.00 per additional drop within 5 miles on the same vehicle.
9. Wait and Return:
80% of the delivery cost is charged on the return journey.